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AbandonmentChild or whole family was abandoned by a parent or guardian.

See also Neglect
Child cruelly treated, hit or sexually abused. Includes domestic violence between the parents.

See also Foster care
Cases involving an attempt to adopt a child.

After careHelp given after the person officially left the Society's care.

Alcohol abuseParent or guardian abused alcohol.

Bank accountsCase file includes information relating to children's bank accounts.

BehaviourChild's behaviour caused concern before or after going into the Society's care.

Child labour
See also Employment
Children aged under 14 working to help maintain themselves or their families.

ClothingInformation on clothing worn.

ComplaintsA complaint made about the child's treatment while in the Society's care.

See also Abuse; Infanticide; Law; Murder; Neglect; Prison
Parent or child prosecuted for committing a crime.

CustodyA dispute or unusual circumstances regarding custody of the child.

DisabilityChild or parent, or guardian, has a physical disability.

EmigrationChild emigrated, or was proposed for emigration.

See also Child labour
An interesting or unusual aspect to a parent or child's employment. Includes work related injuries.

Ethnic minorities
See also Travellers
Child is from an ethnic minority background.

Foster care
See also Adoption
Child lived in formal or informal foster care.

GrandparentsChild looked after by grandparents.

HealthChild or parent suffered serious illness.

HomelessnessChild or family made homeless.

IllegitimacyAttitudes about illegitimacy illustrated in the case file.

Industrial schoolsChild was the subject of an order under the Industrial Schools legislation.

See also Murder
The killing of an infant by, or with the consent of, a parent.

See also Crime
Case illustrates an aspect of child related law.

MaintenanceInteresting or unusual aspect to payment of maintenance for the child.

Mental healthParent or child with a mental health problem.

See also Infanticide
Used broadly where a case involves murder, attempted murder, or manslaughter.

See also Abuse
Child not fed, clothed or looked after properly.

News clippingsCase file contains newspaper clippings concerning the case.

PhotographsA photograph of the child is available.

PovertyPeople living in extreme poverty.

PrisonParent or child sent to prison.

ProstitutionParent or child involved, or at risk of being involved, in prostitution.

Running awayChild ran away from a Home or from its parents, guardians or employer.

SchoolAn aspect of schooling and education is shown.

SiblingsCase files relating to two or more children from the same family taken into care.

Social lifeReferences to holidays, outings and other social activities

StepparentsStepparents involved in the child's family life.

SuicideParent or guardian, or child, committed, or attempted, suicide.

See also Ethnic minorities
Child is from a Traveller or Romany (Gypsy) background.

VisitorsInformation about visitors and rules relating to visitors.

World War 1Effects of World War 1 on children and their families.

WorkhousesChild or parent spent time in a Workhouse.

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