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Case 186

4. Statement by H's father 17 November 1884

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Statement made by Mr. H.
November 17th 1884

I was married to my wife December 25th 1871 at the Viaduct Church. Holborn. On November 13th 1879 my wife was charged at Bow Street Police Court with a man named C. on a charge of Drunkenness & Indecency. C. was sent to Prison for 1 months & I believe my wife was fined. Since that time she has been cohabiting with the man C. on Saturday April 24th 1880, she came to the door of my house Tabard Street. Borough and took the eldest child "H.", away with her without my knowledge or consent, the same night I [traced] them to Popper Street & found Mrs. in bed with C. and I brought the child away. On Saturday May 8th 1880 she came & broke the glass front of my shop. I made an application to the presiding magistrate at Stours End Police Court for his assistance, magistrate said: if Mrs. had been absent 7 nights he was not compelled to support her any longer. A summons was granted but could not be served as she had removed.

When Mrs. left, the children were perfectly destitute of clothing and very dirty.

Mr. has lost sight of one eye and the other is very weak. Average wages per week about 14/-.

It is my wish and always has been that Mrs. should not be allowed to see my children in the Home at Dulwich

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