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Case 186

5. Half-yearly report 1 December 1886

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Half-yearly report to be furnished to the Executive by Local Committees respecting Children placed in Service.

1. Name of child - H.

2. Age - fourteen

3. Name and address of employer - Miss F. Berkley Villas Wood Vale, Forest Hill S.E.

4. Nature of occupation - Private House

5. What other servants, if any - none

6. Child's earnings - £5 per ann. first 6 months

7. Do. health - good

8. Do. character - fair, has only been there about a week

9. What provision is made for the child's religious education? - to attend church on Sunday morn. or aft. & S. School occasionally

10. What holidays allowed? - not yet arranged

(Signed) M.V. Reynolds Sec. of Local Committee
(Date) 1 December 1886

N.B. - This form should be filled up and transmitted to the Hon. Secretary, for submission to the Executive, on the 1st of June and 1st of December in each year.

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