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Case 2434

16. Reply to Miss D 17 January 1905

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17th January, 1905

Dear Miss Drummond
re A

In further reference to your letter of the 4th. inst., I am sorry to have to inform you that the Finance Committee at its last meeting, after the consideration, regrets that it is prevented by the Society's Constitution from further assisting the above case, in view of the girl's age. The Society's work it only intended for children, and has no power, therefore, under its constitution to give grants in such a case as the one in question. I am very sorry indeed not to be able to send you a more favourable reply, but you will I feel sure easily understand our position. I sincerely hope, however, that, under the circumstances, you will experience no great difficultly in raising the help required, from other sources. Certainly I think this is a case where the Guardians might

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