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Case 2434

1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 26 April 1890

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The history of the case is this - The Parents were most respectable people the Father was in the employ of a printer here a steady man valued by his employer - Symptoms of brain disease set in & one day he took this child whom he idolized & with her in his arms threw himself in front of a train just coming into the station here. The Father was rescued by the porters but the child's arm was crushed under the engine. She was for five months in the hospital here & her arm was amputated by the surgeon. Dr. Vise who signs the Certificate. Mrs. Cameron wrote an account of the case in the local papers so strong was the sympathy felt that in a few days she received £170 [?] She also raised another £20 to defend the poor man who was therefore sent to Broadmoor for life instead of penal servitude. He has been hopelessly insane ever since. The mother has made a brave fight of it with the other children but is now in a very precocious state of health, & if she dies, as is probable of heart disease, the children must go to the workhouse. Little A was sent to Miss Keeman's Invalid House of Briston where she had an excellent training until lately, & is now so well & strong & quick & intelligent that her real desire is to be put into some way of carrying her living - to help her mother. She writes a good hand - can knit & was so helpful in the Home they were very sorry to part with her. She is exceedingly conscientious. almost morbidly afraid of doing wrong & her influence with other children is all that could be desired. Surely a life to be saved from the workhouse
Mrs. Cameron hereby guaranteed payment

Signed - Mary Cameron (Mrs.)
2 Belmont
Tunbridge Wells

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