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Case 2

26. Letter from J. 6 October 1929

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Castle St., Frome,

Dear Mr. Westcott,

Some time ago I told the following to Mr. Frost, of St. Aldhelm's, & he said it would interest you & your co-workers in your great undertaking on behalf of little homeless ones:

From Clapton the Society sent me to Natland to do clerical work - begging letters! - for the Rev. Chas. Whitaker (superintendent). Surreptitiously I found my way into the Printing Office there, and after two years something alarmed the good man by stating I wished to get a "turnover apprentice's" place outside the home. said he, "The Society would never permit you to leave; you are too weak & helpless to earn a living & battle with the world!"

"Then," said I,"I must run away!"

"Well, if that's the case, you must get your own job: I'll have nothing to do with things!"

A short while & then I visited the Vicarage again. "Got my job!" I cried.

Again the Parson steeled himself with misplaced kindness: "You shall not go! You are not fit!" "I must & I shall go, even if-"

"Ah well," replied the tender-hearted one, "do as you wish, but - you will soon be back in Natland!"

That, dear friend, is 41 years ago this autumn!

Overwritten in pencil: Mr. Bowne to [?] to sign reply. 84.2/5a-b

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