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Case 2

29. Letter from J. 29 December 1929

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Castle St., Frome, Somt.

Dear Mr. Westcott & Friends,

I am venting very reluctantly and in physical weakness, & possibly with some spiritual depression, to speak of 40 years of failure - a glorious failure! The Rev. Chas. Whitaker of Natland, on commencing that career, said I was not fit for life - he was right. But his warning was never heeded!

Drs. Longton & Swan are the medical advisors at St. Aldhelm's down here: I am on their panel. After some months they inform me all worry & anxiety and work must be cast aside & a prolonged rest taken. Two of the worries comprise a delicate & mentally ailing wife for 32 years, for whom I have done my best, and one only girl who for 5 years (3 children) has been married to a man who so far has failed to support her entirely, even with the aid of the "dole."

Our firm, for the past five years, have graciously permitted work to be done at home - but since, if you follow me, there has been too much confinement, and we have never been able to afford a maid.

My wages for 45 hours com to £4 weekly, and we have saved £150. Such are the extraordinary expenses of a weakling's housekeeping!

Overwritten in pencil: 84.2/4a
Overwritten in red: Asd. 1.1.

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