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Case 2

31. Letter from J. 6 January 1930

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Castle Street,
6th January, 1930.

My dear friends,

Thanks for good wishes, and the nice little scarf, which I donned immediately it arrived, as I am confined to the house, and have been for two months: better than stiff collars to wear.

Now, candidly, I would not alarm my dear early friends, but would tell you how things are really with us, so that we have your prayers, and because you come in contact with those whose circumstances permit them to "live as Good Samaritans!"

Since September two doctors have certified me as suffering from "Tachy cardia and debility": a form of heart trouble caused by a weakened left lung; also that I am a "nervous wreck": that I must "take a prolonged rest", and possibly give up desk work entirely for a more active life whereby deformed chest, etc. may have a chance!

Strange to say, lying down (at night) causes insomnia persistently, but a few hours' sleep daily are procured in a comfortable chair I Cannot keep in bed!

This is all caused, doctors tell us, by others' burdens of worry, extending over years!"

What a tale of woe! And this after what

Overwritten in pencil: 84.2/29

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