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Case 2

38. Letter from J. 21 January 1930

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Castle St., Frome


Dear Dr. Westcott,

I heard this morning that the sister of my rescuer (Miss Saunders) of fifty years ago his informed you of our plight. That she had communicated with Preb. Rudolf's sister-in-law, at "The Chase", Clapham! "The Chase"! - This reminds me of a little crippled child who set up in business as a crossing-sweeper there, & at The Cedars Road, fifty odd years ago! This "child" to-day is experiencing defeat as a "nervous wreck," helpless, after a life of suffering, with heart trouble and insomnia! No, dear friend, I have not lost faith in the "Friend that sticketh closer than a brother". Had I know known Him years ago this letter had not been in your kindly hands! A most wonderful story (& I speak as a reader of books) I have to tell of this gracious Friend's gentle dealings, extending over many years of your "first boy's" life!

With every kind thought & grateful word,

Faithfully yours,


Overwritten in pencil: 84.2/7

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