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Case 2

41. Letter to Revd Westcott from Mr Frost 31 January 1930

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Rev. A.J. Westcott, D.D.
Jan. 31 1930


Dear Doctor,

I have just called on J., and it was not until I was about to call that I knew that he was ill; I should have called before had I known. He has always been a man who has kept his troubles to himself and has smiled through all his misfortunes. I now gather that he has been seriously ill since December 31st, and has been in the Local Hospital. He only stopped two nights, however, as he could obtain no sleep, and so he went home again. Now, he says, he feels a little brighter as he has had some sleep.

The Doctor says that he has Consumption, the left lung being badly affected. This, with his life-long infirmity has enfeebled him very much and has left him a wreck of his former self. (I should mention that J. does not know the nature of his complaint as Doctor thinks that it is best kept from him.) I might add that he has been very careful, taking into consideration all his family trouble and his deformity, and both he and his wife

Overwritten in pencil: 84.2/10a

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