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Case 2

46. Letter from Mr Frost 13 February 1930

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H.W. Fowle, Esc.,
Old Town Hall,
Kennington Road, S.E.ll. 13/2/30.

Dear Mr. Fowle, Re J.

I have been in communications with Messrs Butler & Tanner about J. receiving any assistance from them, and they cannot see their way to do so. Their argument is, that until Dec. the 31st, 1929, J. was getting his full wage and should not be wanting any assistance. Also, they do not make a practice of doing this kind of thing.

With regard to Sanatorium Treatment, I have seen the Doctor, who happens to be the Home Doctor who says that he is not sure that J. is a case for this treatment, as J. would not let any one examine him, and as the Doctor said, being practically a freak of nature, it was impossible for him to say otherwise.

I saw J. yesterday and he seemed worse than when I saw him last, and it appears from what I can see, though I may be wrong, that the doctors are just keeping him alive.

The doctor is very doubtful if any Sanatorium would receive J. owing no doubt to his infirmities, temperament &c.

He only is receiving Health Insurance Benefit.

If this £10 is granted him, how should it be paid to him? He has about £100 of his own, saved when he was doing well at his work, but this will not last long with this expensive illness, as his wife is quite unable to manage it except recklessly. I am not sure that anything can be done for him by the people of Frome, as J. rather isolated himself from everyone, as his ideas were somewhat strange, even his fellow workmen avoided him, hence one of the reasons of him doing his work at home.

Could an appeal be made for him through some of the Society's literature, say the W & S Mag. or the Planet for assistance for the first Old Boy of the Society?

Might I suggest that you write to the Doctor for his opinion so as to get first-hand information. The Doctor's address is: Dr. Swan, West Lodge, Frome.

Yours sincerely,

J. Frost

Overwritten in pencil: 84.2/22

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