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Case 4284

3. Letter from George Norris 30 April 1894

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30th April 1894

Dear Sir

Waifs & Strays' Home

We had a meeting of our Case Committee today, and I am now in a position to reply to your letter of the 24th inst.

The reason our Committee decided to accept this boy for two years was that they considered that at the expiration of that time changes might probably have occurred, and the boy's Brothers and Sisters might be able in some way to assist in providing for him. Should they not be so able the case would be again brought forward and taken into consideration by the Committee with a view to his remaining on.

Our Committee are still of opinion that this is an urgent and deserving case especially as the Mother is known to be a bad woman, and no fit guardian for the Child.

In addition as I have already pointed out, our Home has already received substantial assistance from the parties interested in this case, and the Child's reception into the Home might be the means of enlisting further sympathy.

I am making inquiries from the Guardians and hope to write you further with regard to this case in the course of a day or two.

Overwritten in pencil: Ansd. May 9/94 ack. 1.5.94

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