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Case 6213

1. Order of detention in an Industrial School 26 November 1897

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To each and every one of the Constables of the Police Force for the Metropolitan Police District and to the Managers of the Walsham-le-Willows Certified Industrial School at Walsham Suffolk.

The Industrial Schools Act, 1866, or the Industrial Schools Act Amendment Act, 1880.

Order of Detention in a Certified Industrial School.

At the Marylebone Police Court, In the County of London and in the Metropolitan Police District. Before the Court of Summary Jurisdiction sitting at the Police Court aforesaid the 26th day of November 1897.

Whereas A of no home a child apparently under the age of fourteen years (having been born, so far as has been ascertained, on the 22nd day of July 1886) has been found wandering, and not having any home, or proper guardianship.

And whereas the religious persuasion of the said child appears to the Court to be that of the Church of England. It is hereby ordered that the said child shall be sent to the Certified Industrial School at Walsham, Suffolk to be there detained until She shall attain the age of Sixteen years.
One of the Magistrates of the Police Courts of the Metropolis, sitting at the Police Court aforesaid.

Stamped in purple: Reformatory and Indistrial Schools Office
2 Dec. 1897

Stamped in red: Treasury Allowance 3/6 per week

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