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Case 6213

2. Description of the child 22 November 1897

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Book to Birmingham
School Board for London

I. Description of a Child, brought Before a Magistrate, and sent, at the instance of the Board, to the Walsham-le-Willow Certified Industrial School for Boys at Walsham Suffolk under section 1H of the Industrial Schools Act 1866.

Name of Child A, Illegitimate
Address of Parents, or Surviving Parent or Step Parent or Guardian A prostitute [?] Euston St. Euston Sq.
Occupation of Ditto
Circumstances of Ditto Very poor
Remarks Wandering and not having any home or proper Guardianship.
(Signed) Henry Dowsher Industrial Schools Officer Date 22 November 1297

II. Medical Questions.

Is the child generally sound and healthy? yes
Has the child use of his (or her) limbs? yes
Has the child any defect of vision? no
Are the eyelids healthy and free from granulations? yes
Is the child subject to fits? no
Is the child if a boy suffering from rupture? no
Has the child had small-pox or been vaccinated? no, yes
Is the child suffering from any cutaneous disease such as ringworm or itch? no
Is the child's mental state such as to render him (or her) capable of receiving industrial training? yes
(Signed) Attorsford Head Surgeon
Date Nov. 26th 1897
Initialled ES

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