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Case 176

Case number: 176
Application year: 1883




Year of birth: 1875
Home: Clapton Home For Boys


J's mother died in child-birth around 1879 and his father died of tuberculosis in 1881. J. lived with his aunt but he was so badly behaved that her husband would not let him stay. J. went into the Clapton Home in July 1883. He went to St Chad's College, Denston, Staffordshire in 1884, as a servitor. This meant that he worked part of day as a servant at the school as well as having lessons. The school was later called Denston College. There are several school reports on the file. There were five children in the family. In 1886 the elder brother J. wrote to tell J. about the deaths of two of the other children. In late 1889 J. returned to live with his brother J.

Keywords: Behaviour; Health; School; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 16 April 1883
2. Letter from J's brother 13 May 1886
3. Letter from Sister Emma, House of the Holy Child, 4 June 1886
4. Letter from St Chad's College 8 June 1886
5. School Reports 1888 - 1889
6. Letter from Denston College 7 February 1890
7. Letter from Denston College 14 February 1890

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