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Case 5976

Case number: 5976
Application year: 1897




Year of birth: 1892
Home: All Saints' Home For Boys, Almondbury


C's parents died of pneumonia within 7 months of each other leaving a family of 8 children under 19. Arrangements were made to care for the two youngest children and an application to the Waifs and Strays' Society was made on behalf of C., the next youngest at 5, as without help one of his elder sisters would have to stay away from work to look after him. C. was himself ill with pneumonia at the time of his father's death in July 1896, and had spent many months in the Infirmary and a private nursing home where he had fortunately recovered. He was accepted into All Saints Home, Almondbury, Huddersfield in January 1897 but his entry was delayed until May 1897 because of a case of whooping cough. There was some confusion over the paperwork and the application form was rewritten retrospectively in October 1897. C. was returned to his family on 1 May 1905. He lived in his married sister's house and went out to work.

Keywords: Health

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 19 October 1897
2. Letter from W. Beresford Peirse, Diocesan Secretary 8 June 1897
3. Notice of Baptism 5 October 1897
4. Letter from W. Beresford Peirse 16 October 1897
5. Letter from W. Beresford Peirse 21 October 1897
6. Extract from "Almondbury M.R." c. May 1905

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