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Case 6334

Case number: 6334
Application year: 1898




Year of birth: 1887
Home: St Mark's Home For Girls, Caernarfon


E. was an orphan. She was admitted to St Mark's Home, Carnarvon on 18 February 1898. In February 1903 her conduct was described as "very unsatisfactory" and removal to a Training School in Oxford was considered. She went into service in July 1903 but was dismissed in December the same year for "sulkiness". She re-entered St Mark's Home. Over the next few months she had a few more attempts at entering domestic service and becoming a laundry maid. The final item on the file is a note of her changing her situation to "better herself" by entering employment at Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Yorkshire in April 1905.

Keywords: Behaviour; Employment

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 15 February 1898
2. Notice of vacancy at St Mark's Home 17 February 1898
3. Letter about E's unsatisfactory conduct 25 February 1903
4. Reply from Revd E. Rudolf to above letter 26 February 1903
5. Letter about E's dismissal from service 17 December 1903
6. Response from Revd Edward Rudolf to above letter 18 December 1903
7. Notice of change of situation 10 February 1904
8. Letter concerning E's travel arrangements 9 March 1904
9. Copy letter agreeing to the arrangements set out in above letter 10 March 1904
10. Note that E. arrived safely 12 March 1904
11. Notice of change of situation 5 May 1905

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