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Case 6380

Case number: 6380
Application year: 1898




Year of birth: 1891
Home: Victoria Home, Formby


H's father died in January 1897 from tuberculosis. His mother did not receive any help from the Poor Law authorities and her only income came from the slender profits of a small shop. The vicar making the application felt that the mother would be willing to leave her children in the care of the Society until they were able to earn their own living, but she hoped that they would be near her and she wanted to write to them and to see them. H. was admitted to the Victoria Home, Formby on 16 March 1898. On 16 October 1899 he was boarded out at West Kirby, Cheshire and on 5 April 1905 he was restored to his mother's care.

Keywords: Health; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 3 March 1898
2. Doctor's certificate 2 March 1898
3. Letter giving decision of Liverpool Committee to send H. to the Victoria Home, Formby 4 March 1898

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