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Case 9156

Case number: 9156
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1892
Home: Elm Lodge Home For Boys, Seaforth


E's father had died in 1892 from consumption [tuberculosis] and he lived with his mother and some of his siblings in West Derby, Liverpool. His behaviour worried his mother very much because he had "not been trustworthy for many years." He had improved recently but his mother was still concerned about him: an extra burden had been placed on her as she had to take her little girl back to live with her (the child had previously been supported by a married daughter) and the family were extremely poor. E. would probably be accepted for a place on the training ship "Indefatigable" when he was twelve, with a view to joining the Royal Navy, but his mother needed help for the two years before he was eligible for this. E. was admitted into the Seaforth Home on 13 September 1902. He remained there until 14 September 1903 when he was placed on board the "Indefatigable".

Keywords: Behaviour; Poverty; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 23 August 1902
2. Notice of baptism on 9 November 1902 10 November 1902

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