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Case 9309

Case number: 9309
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1891
Home: St Oswald's Home For Girls, Cullercoats


M's father died in the Royal Free Hospital, London under anaesthetic during an operation for an abscess in March 1902 and his widow and five young children moved to Carlisle soon afterwards. It appears that the mother's family came from Cumberland, judging by the addresses of her relations and the birthplaces of the children. M's mother struggled to care for her family. She was hard working and kept the children clean and tidy but she could not earn enough to support them all. Unfortunately none of her relations were in a position to help her. The local vicar who completed the application hoped that at least two children could be cared for by the Waifs and Strays' Society and he filled in the details of several of the children leaving the choice to the Society. The eldest child, M. was admitted to St Oswald's Home, Cullercoats on 10 December 1902. Most of the correspondence on the file concerns her younger sister, M. The girls' mother and Revd B. hoped that the younger girl could be admitted to the same Home as her sister, but unfortunately there were no vacancies. In March 1903 M. (the younger sister) was offered a place at St Cuthbert's Home, Darlington but it was not taken up as her mother re-married and was again able to care for all her children. M. was removed from St Oswald's Home and returned to her mother on 15 June 1903.

Keywords: Poverty; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 5 November 1902
2. Copy letter to Miss B. Wilkinson, the Honorary Secretary of St Oswald's Home asking if she could take M. 13 November 1902
3. Letter from Revd B. enclosing photographs of the children [these photographs are not on the file] 18 November 1902
4. Letter from Miss Wilkinson concerning M's application for a place 19 November 1902
5. Copy letter to the Revd B. informing him that M. could be admitted to St Oswald's Home 6 December 1902
6. Letter from Revd B. confirming that M. had been sent to St Oswald's and asking if her younger sister could go to the same Home in due course 12 December 1902
7. Letter from Revd B. asking if there was a vacancy for M. at St Oswald's Home 21 February 1903
8. Copy letter to Miss Wilkinson asking if M. could join her sister at St Oswald's 24 February 1903
9. Copy letter to Revd B. about the possibility of M. joining her sister 24 February 1903
10. Letter from Miss Wilkinson stating that there were no vacancies at the Home and that it was impossible to admit M.
11. Letter to Revd B. informing him that there were no vacancies and offering to send M. elsewhere 26 February 1903
12. Letter from Revd B. asking if there were Homes in the Midlands which might accept M. 7 March 1903
13. Copy letter to St Cuthbert's Home, Darlington asking if they could accept M. 9 March 1903
14. Extract of letter from St Cuthbert's Home agreeing to take M. 10 March 1903
15. Copy letter to Revd B. informing him that a place had been found for M. 13 March 1903
16. Letter from Revd B. postponing M's admission to St Cuthbert's Home as her mother might marry again and thus be able to keep the child with her 20 March 1903
17. Card from Revd B. announcing that M. would not be sent to St Cuthbert's Home as her mother was getting married again 24 April 1903
18. Telegram sent from Byfleet Station 9 May 1903

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