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Case 1265

Case number: 1265
Application year: 31




Year of birth: c. 1878
Home: St Hilda's Home For Girls, Marylebone


When F. was two her mother advertised for someone to take her in. She sent her off on a train labelled like a package to a woman who replied to the advertisement. The mother was never heard of again, but the other woman cared for F. for eight years. When this woman died, an acquaintance of hers applied to the Waifs and Strays' Society to take F. She went to the Marylebone Home in April 1888. She was fostered in March 1889 to a family in Horsham and went into service in June 1892. She later married a gardener, and had two children.

Keywords: Abandonment; Custody; Foster care

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society March 1888
2. Letter from Miss Evans 10 March 1888
3. Letter from Miss Evans 22 March 1888
4. Letter from Mrs Bostock 15 March 1889
5. Letter from Miss Lee 17 March 1889
6. Telegraph to Mr Rudolf 21 March 1889
7. Form of Undertaking by the Foster Parent 22 March 1889
8. Letter from Mrs Bostock 22 March 1889
9. Letter from Miss Robinson 14 June 1892
10. Letter from Mrs Lindfield c.1900
11. Extract of letter from Mrs Bostock 11 September 1901
12. Letter from Mrs Bostock 24 September 1901
13. Letter from Mr W. 17 February 1916

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