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Case 4166

Case number: 4166
Application year: 1894




Year of birth: 1884
Home: Brighton Home For Girls


I. was an orphan. After her father's death she and some of her siblings had been temporarily cared for by an aunt. When her aunt had to return to her own family in Suffolk she was obliged to put I. and two siblings into the Workhouse. The children had previously been much neglected. They had all been living in their grandfather's house under the care of I's 15 year old sister. The grandfather drank, as did the father. At the time of the application the children were destitute, none of the older children were in a position to make a home for the younger children. I. was received into the Brighton Home on 13 March 1894. In March 1901 she went into service in Bournemouth.

Keywords: Alcohol abuse; Neglect; Poverty; Siblings; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society February 1894
2. Letter from Revd N. 15 February 1894
3. Letter from Revd N. 21 February 1894
4. Notice of discharge 20 March 1901

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