Learn more about medical history

I’m happy to announce that our project web pages are now live!

The link above will take you to more information about the ‘Unexplored Riches in Medical History’ project, where you can find out about the medical records we hold here at The Children’s Society archive and how we are working to make them more accessible. There are also several scanned examples of records containing medical information, such as the one below:

Suggested weekly diet for children, 1934

This is a suggested diet to be fed to the children living in children’s homes. It comes from the ‘Handbook for Workers’, which was a book giving guidelines on how The Children’s Society’s children’s homes should be run. This suggested diet dates from 1934 and is an interesting insight into what foods were eaten at the time and what was thought to be a good diet for children.

Please do take a look at the new project web pages and see what other records we have.