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Case 1214

15. Letter from adoptive father 20 August 1888

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[?] Street
August 20th 188 E. de M. Rudolf Esq.

Dear Sir

I read your letter of yesterday with mingled feelings of sorrow and astonishment. Our love for the child is now equally as great as if we're indeed her parents, and there is no sacrifice we would not make, nor any means within our power we would not [?] to retain her. I cannot but express the greatest surprise that a society so excellent in its motives should have conducted the case in a manner that makes it possible for such an application as that of the brother to be for one moment entertained. We were of course under the impression that the child had been handed over to the society after a legal document by which the relatives relinquished all future claim had been prepared and duly signed. If this is not done, what a terrible playing with the feelings of those [?] by the most sacred motives results. The child has grown very dear to all our relatives and

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