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Unexplored Riches in Medical history

The Unexplored Riches in Medical History project aims to catalogue, preserve and highlight the wealth of medical information hidden amongst the records in The Children's Society's archive. This project is supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust's Research Resources in Medical History grant scheme.

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This blog follows the progress of our projects, working with the records of The Children's Society.

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Nutrition and Diet

In Britain, our attitudes to food and nutrition have changed over the years, as have recommendations for what constitutes a healthy diet. These changes can be seen by looking through some of the records in The Children's Society archive.

Children's case files

For every child that was admitted into The Children's Society's care, there is a case file. These case files detail the individual stories of those children in care and can contain a wealth of medical information.

Children's homes

It was vitally important for The Children's Society to ensure that the children in its care were healthy. Records that relate to the running of The Children's Society's children's homes reflect this, making these records very useful for the study of medical history.

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