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Including The Excluded

The Including The Excluded project shows how disabled children were cared for by The Children's Society and explains how The Children's Union helped with this work. The project is supported by funding from the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives.

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This blog follows the progress of our projects, working with the records of The Children's Society.

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Children's Experiences

What was it like to be a disabled child in The Children's Society's care in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? See some examples of children's experiences, taken from individual children's case files.

The Children's Union

The Children's Union was founded in 1889 and had its roots in previous fund-raising activities such as school children offering to do some work for The Waifs & Strays' Society; and the Holiday Union, which supported a child for a year at the Society's first home for children with disabilities - the St Nicholas' home at Tooting...

Completed Catalogues

View the catalogues that have been produced through the Including the Excluded project. These catalogues list the records of The Children's Society that relate to the care of disabled children.

The Happy Birthday League

The Happy Birthday League was started by the Waifs And Strays' Society founder Edward Rudolf in 1903. To become a member of the League 'all that will be required to do is to make a small gift (of One Shilling and upwards) on your birthday, as a thanks-offering for your preservation during the year that is past'....

The Pet Animals' League

The Pet Animals' League began as the Rover League in December 1904. Its aim was to give children and their pets the opportunity to raise money for The Children's Union, and in particular for the rebuilding of St Nicholas' Home for Crippled Children in Byfleet, Surrey. Actual membership was for pets only...

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