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Case 1372

3. Letter from Norton House, Warminster 10 May 1888

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Private [?] House [?]

Dear Sir

With reference to these children I beg to assure you the cases are piteous. I know all about them and connected the application to your society. I cannot see where funds are to come from. The number of people out of employment this year have drained the district visitors funds and every one [?] drainage My own hands are now full. I cannot engage to subscribe for them. The SS of the Deny's Home begged for the children for some time & the parents being taken stamps the Warminster people very properly demur to giving anything which helps them where the deserving poor require more than the [?] got for them. I will free out of [her] case pence £5. I do hope that will keep them until they can come upon your free list. I have so much to do with "friendless girls" that I cannot free 2 children and as a [?] Head myself weekend sympathy for that class from people in [several] much easier it is to get keep to sympathy for poor little ones, & tho' I quite acknowledge the many cases upon your society I do hope you will feel at ease to get help for these children than I can ever hope to do for those for whom I work. I will send you the £5 when I hear from you what course you have taken

Yrs. faithfully

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