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Case 189

10. Submission to Finance Committee 21 August 1931

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The above named, now aged 56, was received by the Society in 1883 and boarded-out at Slinford, Sussex. In 1890 she was transferred to St. Chad's Home, Far Headingley, from where she was placed out.

A letter has now been received from Miss J., who apparently was E's supervisor when she was a child, asking if the Society has a Samaritan Fund out of which it could make a grant to help Miss. She has been working in Leicester in a hosiery factory, but his having closed, she has had no work for several weeks and has only been in receipt of 12/6 a week insurance. Miss J. states that E. bears a high character and is a good woman. In the winter her health was much impaired through influenza, and Miss J. was much shocked at her appearance when she saw her last month.

Is it possible for the Finance Committee to make Miss a small grant?

Stamped in purple: SUBMITTED TO COMMITTEE 21 AUG 1931
Overwritten in blue: Note signature 27/8/31

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