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Case 189

7. Letter from Secretary J 5 August 1931

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S.C.C. 5th August, 1931.

Dear Madam,

Referring to your letter of the 18th ult. addressed to - Elliott, Esq., we have now had a thorough search made through our records but cannot trace that E. was ever under the care of this Society. If, however, she could kindly let me have some more particulars of her youth I would gladly have a further search made.

I ought to mention, however, that at about the time you mention, i.e. 48 years ago Prebendary Rudolf was also connected with the N.S.P.C.C. and Miss may have been boarded out by that Society. As your letter was addressed to - Elliott, Esq. it is possible that you intended it for the

Overwritten in pencil: [Patly]
AC. P.S. [?]

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