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Case 326

3. Report on S's circumstances 20 June 1884

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Called at the Parade Crown Road Fulham saw Mrs. the mother of the boy. She says she & her husband live a dreadful life on account of the boy. When he attempts to beat the child she interferes & very often gets struck sometimes he turns the child out into the street at night the neighbour take it in & puts it to bed with their children. The Barber Shop they keep does not pay. The man is now out about looking for work as a Journeyman & puts a boy in the shop paying him 7/- per week. They owe money for rent but the landlord is very good well not him throw out into the street. She is quite sure her husband has no money & could pay nothing towards the childs maintenance in our home. The woman & the children look [?] poor & very poorly clothed the chase in herself & her children.

June 20th 1884

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