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Case 3271

25. Rules for Visitors to Patients - West Sussex County Asylum 12 August 1907

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West Sussex County Asylum

Rules for Visitors to Patients
All letters respecting Patients should be addressed to the Medical Superintendent, and contain directed envelope, with full postal Address. Change of Address of nearest Relative to be immediately notified to the Medical Superintendent.

You are informed that F was admitted as a patient into this Asylum on 12 August 1907.

Patients (excepting those to whom the Medical Officers consider an interview to be hurtful) may be visited between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. on Wednesdays, and Bank Holidays, at the expiration of one month from date of admission, and on any other day by giving notice previous to visiting.

The relations and friends of Patients are encouraged to visit them with reasonable frequency ; but it must be distinctly borne in mind that should a visit be deemed in any way hurtful, an interview cannot be permitted. The visit should not generally be prolonged beyond one hour. Should the person visited become much excited, removal to the ward must immediately take place.

Much depends upon the discretion of the Visitor as to the results of the visit on the Patients mind. The conversation should be of a cheering and hope-inspiring nature, especially where it relates to family matters, and by thus making the Patient feel more happy and comfortable, materially assist any tendency to recovery ; whereas anything like scolding or blaming, or injudicious allusions, will not only cause the Patient to be either depressed or excited, but may even induce an incurable relapse ; and Visitors who are in the habit of employing this kind of conversation will not be permitted another interview except under an order from one of the Medical Officers.

No Wine, Spirit, or Intoxicating Liquor of any kind is permitted to be brought into the Asylum, or allowed under any pretence whatever to be given to any of the inmates.

As everything necessary for the health and comfort of the inmates is provided by the Asylum, food, as a rule, is not permitted to be given to any, but small quantities of fruit, cakes, &, are not objected to.

No Papers, legal or otherwise, are permitted to be signed by any Patient, except with the sanction of the Committee of Visitors and Medical Superintendent.

Should a Visitor ask to see one of the Medical Officers, and this is especially desirable at the first visit, it is the duty of the Attendant is empowered to remove the Patient to the ward, and report the matter at once to one of the Medical Officers.

No Patient is permitted to accompany Visitor into the grounds without an Order from the Medical Officer.

In the event of decease the remains will be examined, unless previous written notice to the contrary shall have been sent to the Superintendent.

N.B. No gratuity or perquisite of any kind is to be given to any Attendant or Servant in the employ of the Institution, and anyone receiving such is liable to immediate dismissal.

Overwritten in red: Transferred from Hants County Asylum, Fareham.

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