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Case 3271

57. Report about F. 12 January 1915

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Re F

I called at the Foundling Hospital re the above girl and first saw the Matron of the Institution. She spoke most kindly of F, but said that the work seemed too much for her mental capacity. Her health also is not good, which in my opinion is due to poor food. The girl is under the doctor who advises a country life. I then saw the girl herself, she is anxious to make a change but has promised to stay where she is until she has a years character, the year is up the end of April. She told me she shares a bedroom with 3 other servants & it has only 1 window. She complain of waking up in the morning and not feeling equal to her work. The wages are £20 a year and hard work for that. She is a quite, nicely mannered girl but not quite up to the standard mentally, she has no memory to speak of. She promised to write to Mr. Rudolf before she made an change, and I told her that he would always help her if possible

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