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Case 3271

58. Letter from F's employer 17 December 1926

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17 Dec. 26

Dear Sir,

I wonder if you can do anything for a case in which my wife and I am duly interested. For some time we have had in our employment a domestic servant named F who was brought-up in one of your homes. She is about forty years of age and is unmarried.

Some years ago she was deceived and seduced by a man under promise of marriage. She subsequently discovered that he was a married man. Her boy J whom we have seen is a light, sturdy intelligent little fellow of about six and a half years old. At the present time he is boarded out with a family at Oakhurst; and the father contributes 5/-per week towards his support.

I may say that we have found F most satisfactory in every way and have never had cause to doubt her integrity. She is naturally very anxious for the welfare

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