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Case 3623

6. Extract of a letter from Miss Cox, Cheshire 9 September 1909

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Extract from Mrs. Cox' Letter of Sept 9th. 1909.

re. W.
Our committee wish to know if you will sanction their keeping a young man, W. in the Home free of payment till the end of the year! He was an inmate of the Home at Kingsley, and has been in the Berkshire Regt. where he has done exceedingly well, but unfortunately last Xmas he has a threatening of lung trouble, and has been for 3 months in the Delamere Sanatorium. He has returned again to the Home practically well, but has to go for treatment to the Sanatorium once a fortnight. The Doctor is anxious for him to go out to live in New Zealand next year. The Doctor says there is no fear of infection and he sleeps out of doors. He has of course been discharged from the Army and has no relatives or friends. He has always made his home at [Tattenhall]. He is receiving 1/- a day pension for a time, and is 26 years of age. Our Committee feels it is a case which needs the Society's help, and would be glad if you could, under the circumstances, give us leave to keep him for a time. I don't know if you would remember his case. His father was a dentist, and put his two boys into a private

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Image of Case 3623 6. Extract of a letter from Miss Cox, Cheshire 9 September  1909
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