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Case 4171

2. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society for H. 18 November 1893

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This child and his brother G are contented happy children, with nice natures.

I have known the family since 1883. The father used to be too weak in character to remain teetotal, though he wd keep from drinking for 2 or 3 months at a time: his work, nightsoilsman, laid him specially open to the temptation, both from the amount of drink offered to the men and from the nauseous character of the work.

The mother at the time I made her acquaintance occasionally took drink, but has I think I may say conquered that, the last time she took too much being nearly two years ago; she is now a teetotaller.

The reason we want these boys to be taken in for the Society for Providing Homes For Waifs and Strays, is that the mother may take a situation, earn herself a good name, for she has just had an illegitimate child, and then be in position to make a home for them again by and by perhaps or at least contribute to the support of her children. She comes of good stock, her mother and sister and brothers all being respectable hardworking folk; her mother has brought up the eldest girl, F, and has now taken in the eldest boy: she hopes to help with the younger boys by and by when the elder is off her hands that she may not lose sight of her grandchildren. [?] M, has much good in her despite all her failures and sincerely wishes to earn a character now. The children are all nice good children, two of the girls are in my sister's home and bear very good character.

B. (Mrs.)
West Kirby

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