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Case 517

21. Letter from E. April 1889

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St. Oswald's College
Wednesday April 10th 1889

Dear Sir,

I now write to ask you whether you could tell me if you have written to the Headmaster for my leaving if not could you please write as soon as possible & please then send my journey money. Will you please give your leave for me to have a order for a pair of trousers & two or three handkerchiefs as I have only now got one when I was at home at Christmas I asked for some & Mr. Williams had not got none the reason why I ask you for me to have some more trousers is because we have to scrub 5 days out of 7 and they do not supply us any kneelers and we have to find any old coat or thing & they are not much use, for keeping us from wearing out our trousers. We have

Overwritten in pencil: 16 3 89

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