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Case 5504

1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 1 August 1896

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The subjoined account will show the circumstances under which these children were brought to the notice of the Committee of S. Michael's Home which is an Industrial Home for older girls. The Supt of Police asked us to take them, as, although the stepmother will probably be afraid to be so cruel again, she is a most unfit woman to have the care of girls, and her language is habitually most foul and disgusting. The children are pretty, bright, intelligent children. The elder had been [endored] & frightened by the parents to give false evidence when the case was heard, but they do not seem at all tiresome or naughty children. They have been living in the parish of the Rev. M S. martin's, who will we hope, be able to raise the 2/- weekly for one child, whilst our Committee will undertake it for the other. We are already paying for so many children that we cannot afford more, but we could not leave these little ones to be brought up to a life of sin. We should like them to be together if possible.

Deaconess E. Hall
S. Michael's Home

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