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Case 5504

7. Letter to St Faith's Home 1 March 1904

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1st. March 1904

Dear Miss Phillpotts
re M

With reverence to the above case, the lady interested and who has hitherto contributed towards the child's support, is of the opinion that, having regard to the girls' age, she should now be able to do something for herself. I am very anxious to find a girl about 14 or 15 to transfer to a Home for little girls at Chester, which has recently been opened by a lady, who has generously undertaken to receive ten or more children from the Society free of charge, on the understanding that we will undertake to send her two or three bigger girls for the ordinary household duties. The girls should of course be steady and reliable, and capable of assisting with the housework and who would be able to set a good example to the younger girls. Do you think the girl in question would do, or have you any others more suitable?

Yours very truly,

Overwritten in pencil: living

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