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Case 6001

12. Report on J's condition [September 1907]

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Re J

This boy was transferred here from the Tunbridge Wells Home on April 26th 1906. He was very emaciated on admission, his weight being only 3st 3lbs. He now weighs 4st 12lbs. He is frequently very peculiar in his manner. He refuses to join the other boys in their games preferring to stay in some corner and sing or talk to himself. He only joins in games under compulsion.

Educationally he is a great source of anxiety to me. He seems to be doing well for a time, then suddenly collapses, and the work has all to be gone over again. He is classed with the younger boys and is, practically, the most backward, considering his age.

The Doctor I find has made a slight mistake in his report. The boy can count over 10, but has a poor understanding of the value of numbers. For example, he will state that 8 is of greater value than 9, and similarly with other numbers.

There seems to be no doubt but that he is somewhat defective mentally; his sayings and action certainly give me this impression.

EJS Pughe

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