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Case 6001

13. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf 27 September 1907

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Printed in blue: (COPY.)

C/V/D. 27th September, 1907.

Dear Madam,

Re J

Knowing your kind interest in the above case, it is with much regret that I am obliged to inform you I have heard that the boy in question is decidedly below the normal mental standard, and as, in the opinion of the Medical Officer, his intellectual capacity will always be subnormal, I am afraid the time has now arrived when other arrangements should be made for his future. I understand that you are in touch with the sister, and it occurred to me that she may know of some relative who can receive the lad, and be responsible for his welfare.

Unfortunately, the Society has no Home for the feeble-minded, and although I am always very aggrieved when we have to relinquish the care of any child, the fact remains that there must be some children who are unsuitable for our Homes from some cause or other.

Trusting to hear that the relatives may be able to make some other arrangements for the poor child,

Yours faithfully

Miss Frances S Williams Printed in blue: E. de M. Rudolf G.H.D

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