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Case 6001

57. Copy letter from Revd Davies about J. 8 October 1914

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Llangendierne Vicarage
8th October, 1914.

Dear Mr Davies

I regret to say that J is not turning out satisfactorily, and his master wants to discharge me as soon as convenient. He is not disobedient, but does no work except under the Master's eye. He is very clean and tidy and decorates his bed-room tastefully, and has lately manifested a great anxiety for pince-nez instead of spectacles, and I understand that his sister has offered to pay for them. His spectacles are in good order, but I suppose the others would look more swellish. His master says that he can work if he wants to. He is able to milk on Sundays, to get away, but finds a great difficulty in milking on other days.

I like the lad myself, and shall be sorry to see him leaving. He says that he has been warned that this is his last chance from the school. I believe that he would do much better pottering about a private house, cleaning boots, knives etc. What is to be done with him? Kindly instruct, as I fear he will not be a farm hand.

I have a splendid place for a boy on a small farm, Castle Farm, Pintantyn. Can you let me have one by November 14th., or failing that, a week or two later. I can specially recommend this place.

I feel truly sorry for J as he could not possibly have a kinder master and mistress. I am sorry because I am not sure that it is all laziness in his case, mental instability

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