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Case 6001

7. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf 8 August 1900

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8th August, 1900.

Rev and Dear Sir,

I have duly received your letter respecting the boy J. As an exceptional case I will give you permission for him to be allowed to spend a holiday with his sister as suggested, and perhaps you will be enough to communicate with Mrs Macy, St Luke's Vicarage, Enfield, the supervisor, and make the necessary arrangements with her direct?

As regards the latter part of your letter, I may mention that it is certainly not the Society's intention to keep brothers and sisters apart. No objection whatever is raised to the relatives visiting the children under its care at all reasonable times, but you will readily understand that many of our little ones have not suitable homes to go to, although the relatives are persistently making a request to be allowed to have them home. Experience has taught us that invariably it does more harm than good. At the time if we allowed it in one case, it is only natural to expect that we should be approached to do so in others.

Believe me,
Yours very faithfully
(sgd) E. de M. Rudolf

Rev H Williams

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