A further grant for the Unexplored Riches in Medical History project

We are pleased to announce that The Children’s Society Records and Archive Centre has obtained a further £42,180 grant from the Wellcome Trust for the ‘Unexplored Riches in Medical History’ project to continue paper conservation work on the earliest children’s case files. The additional money will allow our two professional paper conservators to work for a further eight months to better preserve the files and make them accessible to the public and researchers.

The project, including the launch of an online catalogue of case files and children’s homes records, is due to be completed in March 2015.

By creating an online archive catalogue and through conservation work, the records will be widely accessible to The Children’s Society, medical, social and academic researchers and the general public.

To find out what we’ve discovered during the project recently, take a look at some of our blog posts:

For more information, the project’s homepage can be found here: http://www.hiddenlives.org.uk/unexplored_riches

And check out our Facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/HiddenLivesRevealed