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Case 1024

13. Form for Undertaking by the Foster Parent 13 June 1887

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Form of Undertaking by the Foster Parent
"I, S. of Acton, Sudbury Suffolk, foster-parent do hereby engage, in consideration of my receiving the sum of 5/ A per week to bring up A as one of my own children and to provide her with proper food, lodging and washing, and for the proper repair and renewal of clothing, and to endeavor to train her in habits of truthfulness, obedience, personal cleanliness, and industry, as well as in suitable domestic and out-door work; to take care that the said child A shall attend duly at church, and shall, while boarded out, between the ages of four and twelve years, attend Day and Sunday Schools, unless prevented by sickness or other urgent cause, during all the usual hours for instruction thereat: in the case of the illness of the said child to report it to Mrs. Leakey Acton Vicarage Sudbury Suffolk and at all times to permit the said child to be visited by any person specially appointed for that purpose by the Executive Committee"

Signature S.
Address Acton, Sudbury Suffolk
Date June 13th, 1889
Name Florence Leakey
Address Acton Vicarage, Sudbury Suffolk

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