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Case 1024

Case number: 1024
Application year: 1887




Year of birth: 1877
Home: Foster Care


Nine year old A. lived with her grandmother and her 17 year old aunt in Wells, Somerset. One day the aunt gave birth to a child and then killed it. A. was the main witness to the crime and was detained in Shepton Mallet prison for two months until the court case was heard. The case was held at Taunton over several days between 9 - 13 May 1887. Shortly afterward A. was fostered out by the Waifs and Strays' Society. A's father could not afford to pay for her full maintenance so he was allowed to pay a smaller amount. In 1893 A. went into service in a laundry in Clacton-on-Sea.

Keywords: Crime; Foster care; Grandparents; Infanticide; Maintenance; Murder; Prison

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 13 June 1887
2. Memorandum from HM Prison Shepton Mallet 28 April 1887
3. Letter to a Mrs Thompson in Wells from HM Prison Shepton Mallet 28 April 1887
4. Letter from Mrs Thompson 29 April 1887
5. Letter from Mrs Thompson 6 May 1887
6. Letter from Mrs Thompson 14 May 1887
7. Letter from Revd Bourke 24 May 1887
8. Letter from A's father 24 May 1887
9. Letter from Miss Blair 27 May 1887
10. Letter from Revd Bourke 3 June 1887
11. Letter from A's father 6 June 1887
12. Postcard from Miss Blair 6 June 1887
13. Form for Undertaking by the Foster Parent 13 June 1887
14. Form of Receipt 13 June 1887
15. Letter from Revd Leakey c. late 1887
16. Letter from Revd Leakey 25 November 1891

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