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Case 1214

16. Letter from adoptive father c. 23 August 1888

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The "Meadows" Music Report
Thursday 1.15 am

Dear Sir

Have just reached home and I am reminded upon again looking through letters that I did not very particularly point out to you my solicitors opinion as to the guardianship.

I have now cut off the memo he wrote [hurredly] upon one of the letters this morning before I left for London. I believe this is your strongest point to use in your interview with him (the brother) tomorrow [?] you can distinctly say that the child was unreservedly given up by him to the Society and that now a good home has been provided for her by them he cannot legally have any claim upon her, and as I understand to Mr Williams - if we take a firm stand in the matter how is he to assert any claim: assuming that he really has some -

The Rev. Carter showed me the house. My view of the home this afternoon to which the brother wishes to take the child coupled with the information that the brother

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