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Case 1214

16. Letter from adoptive father c. 23 August 1888

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has just married a designing woman who is really (Mr. Carter informs us) at the root of the unworthy business, makes me more determined than ever to retain possession of the child, committed as she would otherwise be to a woman who could have no possible interest in the child: and experience teaches us that children are, under such circumstances, almost invariably unkindly [?] frequently cruely treated.

The Rev. Carter has very kindly promised to advise the brother that he would be going very greatly against the interests of the child by introducing her to such a home, and [altogether] I am satisfied that he is being prompted to act as he is by the woman he has recently married.

It is indeed difficult to imagine the motive for the application that so young a child (when the brother had apparently been glad to leave in the care of the society until intimidated by the woman) should be returned to them, when as our letter assures us, it is with difficulty they make ends meet under [?] circumstances

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