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Case 201

7. Letter from E. 9 January 1905

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Carlisle Buildings

Dear Sir

It is with much reluctance that I again venture to ask your assistance; since I last was fortunate enough to appeal to you when you furnished me with the wherewithal [for] [?] some under clothing I have just managed with casual employ, to "keep afloat" i.e. I have had one, and sometimes two- day's work a week. I received a letter of introduction to Mr J Nivison (when last I [?]) at the Botolph Printing Works, and had I been a compositor, probably he could have found me an opening, but being in the general newspaper line I was out of place in a jobbing printers and Mr Nivison seemed to me to be imbued with the idea that there was no good whatever in me; but seeing that I still do an occasional day's work in my last situation I think that will dispel this erroneous impression. I am still staying with the friend who took me in, but he having been out of work for a matter of seven or eight weeks my small earnings have been swallowed up in keeping things going.

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