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Case 201

Case number: 201
Application year: 1883




Year of birth: 1872
Home: Clapton Home For Boys


E's mother died of tuberculosis in 1876 and his father deserted the family in 1880. E. lived with an aunt for several years but she could no longer afford to provide for him. He went into the Clapton Home in 1883 and to a working boys home in 1886. As an adult E. worked as a printer and at times had trouble finding work. When he was in his early thirties, E. had to sell most of his clothing to pay for food. He approached the Society for help in purchasing new clothes. Clothing was bought for him and there is a receipt from the shirtmaker on the file. He made another approach for help in 1905.

Keywords: Abandonment; After care; Clothing; Employment; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 23 July 1883
2. Letter from M. 7 September 1883
3. Placement order 7 September 1883
4. Letter from E. 11 October 1904
5. Receipt from H.Harden, Shirtmaker 8 November 1904
6. Receipt addressed to E. c. 1904
7. Letter from E. 9 January 1905

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