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Case 2835

9. Report about A. 23 October 1895

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[?] went to Oak Road Cricklewood the home of the boys mother & saw the above He said his reasons for leaving Eythorne and coming home to his mother was he did not like carpentering and in the second place he did not wish to be bound for so long a time he preferred finding himself work that he thought was suitable. The book he brought away was one of the home books & the box of dominoes he thought was given to him when he went to [?] with Mrs. P both her [?] up to me and an old handkerchief which Revd. Mr. Burrowes wrote to the mother & said belonged to another boy myself I [dont] think the mother had anything to do with the boy leaving as she would hardly add to her own poverty. Her son about 17 old gets 16/- week out of which he [?] mother and a little girl in [?] she know very well if the boy came to her he would be an expense and not a help. She is a poor decent clean woman and they all live in two or three small room clean and comfortable She says her son is trying to get the boy into a [?] shop in the neighbourhood as errand boy. She says she is very grateful to the Society for what they have done for her and Thank them very much

23 October 1895

Overwritten in black: Sent copy to Mr. Burrowes Oct. 24, 95

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